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What Are Superfoods and Why Do I Need Them?


A variety of antioxidant rich foods spelling the word antioxidant.


Superfoods are foods, mostly plant-based (not always) confer health benefits from their exceptional nutrient density. It could be an ancient grain, foreign fruit or a herb. Superfoods are full of nutrients such as antioxidants, dietary fibre, healthy fats, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin content and phytochemicals, to only name a few. Most superfoods contain more than one benefit due to their composition, so including even one or two in your diet can significantly enhance your well-being and also provide that extra immune support.

Why are they more important than ever?

Due to the current demand that the modern, fast-paced society has added to our daily routine, eight out of ten individuals feel stressed regularly. A constant state of stress is a breeding ground for all diseases. While stress might be a good thing occasionally, it compromises the immune system in the long run. Due to the time pressure, we resort to comfort foods in our everyday life. This habit, in turn, deprives us of the essential nutrients required for our body to function well. Superfoods play an important role, as these are an easy addition to your daily food regime. Nowadays, they're available in easy-to-use forms such as powders, capsules, tablets, drinks and energy bars. With so much variety to chose from, they are an easy addition to your daily intake without increasing the calories. 

While a whole range of foods fit into this category, we would like to discuss some of our customer favourites:

1. Berries
High in fiber, berries are naturally sweet, and their rich colors mean they are high in antioxidants and disease-fighting nutrients.They have healthy fats from plant compounds. Acai berry, Amla berry, Cranberry are commonly available in supplement or powder form. Can also be added to smoothies if available locally.

A pile of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and cherries.

 2. Spirulina
Spirulina is a blue-green freshwater microalgae that packs a lot of nutrition. It is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Including spirulina in your daily diet can get you a host of B vitamins. It’s also packed with vitamin A, iron, magnesium and potassium. One of the most important things you get from Spirulina is easily digestible plant protein!

A spoonful of spirulina powder on top of a bowl.

3. Mushrooms
Oh my, if there is a hype about one, this is it. So why is it such a big thing lately? While superfood mushrooms are currently gaining traction in the wellness industry, their history runs deep. Many Chinese herbal medicines incorporate mushrooms for their therapeutic properties and immune boosting   capacity. Lions mane, Chaga or Reishi are commonly available but having a supplement blend with a variety of wild mushrooms is best for immune health.

A variety of different types of mushrooms.

4 Triphala
When it comes to the superfoods category, triphala is the underdog which is not  yet as popular in western culture but it has been used in traditional ayurvedic medicine as one of the most used formulas. Regular consumption not only strengthens your immune system, it keeps your gut health in check. These are also great for providing bowel irregularity, as it has a mild laxative effect. It is made up of three fruits, one of which is the popular Amla berry (Indian gooseberry). Very high in Vitamin C it helps the body's defenses strong against colds and flu.

Three different superfoods in separate woven baskets and a bowl of triphala powder

These are just examples of a few superfoods. This category is worth exploring for the wellness enthusiast or anyone who considers healthy living a priority.

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