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What is Kapha Dosha (Ayurvedic Body Type)?

Kapha dosha infographic

Kapha dosha is one of the three types of constitutions found in Ayurveda which are used as a primary benchmark to assess a person. To get a basic understanding of doshas, read our post on Doshas. 

So, what does it mean when we say, “You are Kapha Dosha?” It simply means you have dominant qualities of water and earth in your personality, i.e. steady, stable, heavy, slow, cold, and soft. Having a Kapha-predominant body type means that these qualities express themselves generously throughout your mental, emotional, and physical makeup. Kapha body types are built strong with excellent stamina, and they sleep soundly and have regular digestion.

Kapha personality types have a slower metabolism, and they should keep their body warm. Kaphas are naturally calm, thoughtful, caring and loving personalities. They also have an inherent ability to enjoy life and are comfortable with a routine. When Kaphas are in balance, they are strong, loyal, patient, steady, and supportive. When they are unbalanced, they tend to be overweight, sleep excessively and may be prone to asthma, hay fever, diabetes, and depression. When they feel overwhelmed or stressed, they prefer to avoid the situation altogether and say, "I would rather not deal with it."

Kapha can be kept in check by:

  • Making lifestyle choices suited to Kapha.
  • Eating foods suited to Kapha: Pungent, astringent flavours like beet greens, asparagus, cabbage, carrot ,cauliflower etc. They should avoid sweet and sour tastes
  • Kapha should also avoid particularly heavy, dense, oily, or watery foods – like avocado, cucumber, olives, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc.
  • Kapha nature is already oily and heavy which is also the nature of oils, so Kapha should avoid too much oil which is the exact opposite of Vata. They can keep skin nourished with sesame oil or add a little bit in cooking.
  • Consuming Kapha balancing botanical herbs like Triphala, Ashwagandha and Ginger.

Knowing your constitution is easy, by way of a simple quiz and answering a few questions.

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