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Our story

Mother earth's medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth 

Lifeline Natural is our dream initiative towards bringing wellness and healing through mother earth’s natural herbs and remedies. We started this with a strong desire to help people with our knowledge and practice of using natural herbs in our everyday lives. Our names are Banit and Pooja - we are bonded with love and held together with honor of marriage; and here is our story -

Banit with 20+ years of experience as a pharmacist had seen his customers depend on prescription meds for common everyday problems. While he knew prescription medication provides relief from the symptoms, he also understands that prescription meds do not address the root cause of the problem. Throughout his successful pharmacy practice, he would often make recommendations to patients to add natural herbs in the diet, especially for common issues like gut problems, stress/anxiety, headaches etc. Many of his customers came back to thank him and continued to benefit from these natural remedies. Banit always knew he had to pursue his call to provide more holistic wellness to his customers. He jumped at this idea when Pooja said – ‘let’s do this together’!


Pooja finds her rejuvenation in taking nature walks, practicing Yoga and Ayurveda, tending her kitchen garden, cooking healthy meals and is always curious to know more about mother earth's healing abilities for her family's health. Curiosity led her to more learning specifically, traditional herbs from  Ayurveda, nature of plant based herbs and how each individual has a unique body type and knowing it would open doors to your own discovery. Pooja is certified with CHFA as a natural health product advisor. All the knowledge from pharmacy, Ayurveda and Canadian Health Food Association was put together, sown with a desire to spread healing. This is how the unification of knowledge between Pharmaceuticals and Botanicals happened and LIFELINE NATURAL was born!

How do we do it?

Since our inception, our vision at Lifeline Natural has been to stock products from reputable manufacturers who have gone through stringent testing by the regulatory bodies and have been approved by Health Canada with an NPN number (Natural Product Number) whenever possible. Other regulations we look for in our products are Certified organic, Non-GMO, Vegan etc so our customers can truly embrace the natural plant based lifestyle. We also provide information on our products, articles on improving everyday life and  traditional practices of Ayurveda through our learning blogs, beyond the selling process.

Begin your journey into the world of herbal medicine with complete confidence as they have been tried and tested over centuries with their healing properties.