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Q. What is Lifeline Natural?
A. Lifeline Natural is a subsidiary of Lifeline Pharmacy, mainly to offer natural products on an online platform. All the products offered on our online platform are natural, mainly plant-based and free from synthetic additives. We promote herbs and supplements from different cultures and other products which enhance and promote good health in a completely natural way. 

Q. What is the best way to use herbs?
A. Each of our products have a recommended dosage listed on the label. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to one of our team members.

Q. Are Lifeline Natural products sourced in Canada?
A. The products we carry come from all over the world. Our first priority remains to provide effective and good quality products to improve Canadians' health. However, being a small business ourselves, we are always looking to support local, Canadian-made products if they have passed testing from Health Canada. We carefully select products from manufacturers who offer high quality GMO free products. Our herbs and supplements have been approved by Health Canada with an NPN number (Natural product number) wherever possible. Other certifications we look for are Organic, Vegan and plant-based.

Q. Are the formulas and single herbs okay for pregnant and nursing women?
A. We do not recommend supplement products for pregnant or nursing mothers without consultation with the Doctor or the Pharmacist.

Q. Can the supplements and herbs be taken for long periods of time?
A. Natural herbs listed on our site have been tested for safety, efficacy and accuracy by manufacturers. As a lot of natural products are taken to improve health, we suggest formulas be taken for about 8-12 weeks to experience best results. If you are taking the product to address a symptom, we recommend you to take it until the symptom is resolved. For ongoing health concerns, we recommend that you continue taking the product as long as the desired health benefits are being experienced.

Q. Are natural supplements safe to consume alongside other prescription medications? 
A. Our products have been rigorously studied for purity, safety and efficacy. They are safe to be taken by healthy individuals to improve general health conditions and for prevention. However, if you suffer from any chronic health conditions (blood pressure, diabetes, etc,) it is best to consult with our Pharmacy team member for possible interactions that some natural ingredients can reduce effectiveness of certain drugs. In a lot of cases, the herb might be providing a similar effect in a natural way, which might require a dosage adjustment.

Q. If I have any question about a product, how can I get in touch with someone?
A. We have a chat feature available. We try our best to answer your questions in a timely manner during regular business hours (9.30am-7:00pm) on weekdays. If you try to contact us outside of those hours, one of our team members will reach out to you the next business day. Our email response time is also less than 24 hours.